Summary of our work for the period

January to November 2017


This year we work on following directions. Please, choose the one which is most interesting for you to learn more about it:

1. Singing workshops & seminares.

2. Acapella Sacred Music Ensemble "Psalom".

3. The Christian Chronicle interview with Konstantin Zhigulin.

4. Other derections of our ministry.

5. We thank and ask for you help.

1. Singing Workshopes and seminars
  • Singing workshop in Cologne, Germany (January)

2017 year was started with very new experience. For the very first time we sang our songs in German language. And not only sang

it , but learn how to sing it with congregation in Cologne. For sure this took a time for preparation, but we sow how fruitful this were for congregation and for us as well. In the end of November we plan visit Cologne again to continue work with congregation there.  We look forward to continue this new relationship with God`d family in Germany and grow together in His spirit of love.

Please, learn more about our Singing Workshops and use this possibility to grow in worship and singing.

  • Bible seminar in Barnaul (March)

In the end of March I crossed the country for participate in a reunion seminar – a celebration of 25 years of the church in Barnaul (Sybiria). It was so great to spent time in worship and teaching with people there. Some of them i know for more than 20-th year and they are faithful to Christ throughout all these years. Especial thanks for brother Joseph Rhodes, who invite me to lead singing and worship on this great event! ​Please, see some pictures from this event below.

  • Participation in Shenandoah Music Camp (July)


This camp is based of Anabaptist community. Main idea is similar as our singing school in Russia. More than 5 years I lead the singing school and feel need not only teach, but learn as well. My visit to Shenandoah Music Camp helped me to see the process from outside, learn something new and bring these new ideas to inspire singing in churches of Russia for God`s glory and honor.

  • Leadership Metting "Roal of singing in life of the church" (August)

The teachers of Annual Christian Singing School and leaders of few local churches come together for pray and discussed the possibility to grow in ministry of Singing school. It was a great time when we can share our vision and ideas and praying together for the future of music ministry in our congregations. 

  •  Participation and teaching in seminar “The Lord who heals” in Estonia (September)​
  • Seminar about Singing and Worship in Moscow (October)
Great few days in Moscow church. Meet with brothers. Lead singing in sunday worship. Lesson about singing.
  • Seminar about Worship "Coming to the city of the living God" (October)

The great seminar with undertheme "Worship from the begining of the times and forever". About 50 participants from Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Biisk and Barnaul come together for renew our vision of life in serving to God. Thinking about place of Sunday assembly in life of belivers. Thinking about praise of God  throught thanksgiven and rememberance. Days full of communication, prayers and praise the Lord. The highlight of this seminar bacame the moment of union singing of brothers from different congregations.​

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2. Spiritual Music Ensemble "Psalom" 

In the beginning of this year we start practising with new members - Ivan (bass) and Sofia (alto). In very short period of time we prepared program based on Psalms and make a few presentation in churches of cities which is close to St. Petersburg, nersing home and St. petersburg Christian University. In the begining of the year we apply to participate in international Festival of Choral Music in Poland. You can see one of our presentations in this festival below. 


Psalom concert in International Festival of Choral Music "Mundus cantat - 2017"

This performance can be found in YouTube by key phrase “Psalom in concert of mundus cantat festival”

  • Mundus cantat festival in Sopot, Poland

This is probably first time that church of Christ hymns from Russia was presented in secular music event of such high level.  We see our participation in such festival as a great opportunity to express our faith in Christ in front of many people from different countries and nations. Several choruses from Poland, a women's choir from Lithuania, a children's choir from Ukraine, a gospel choir from Colombia and a folk music ensemble from Georgia participated in the program. The silver diploma of the festival is a high mark for our team which participated in the contest program for the first time. We are very pleased with this award. While we sung  "O praise the Lord, my soul," "By Your mercy", "Simeon", "The Lord is risen from the grave" we saw that there were no indifferent persons in the audience . After a competitive day, we participated in a city concert, which took place in one of the churches of Sopot. On Sunday we participated in the divine services of the local community, at the end of our performance we sang for our dear brothers and sisters "May the King of the Universe Let Your Mercy be Blessed" in Polish language!

  • Recordings and Concert


The next year we plan to cntinue to grow as the ensemble and spread our the Acapella Hymns and Songs through concerts, presentations, recordings and video.

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3. The Christian Chronicle interview with Konstantin Zhigulin

In November 2017 `The Christian chronicle` newspaper published an interview which is content general direction of our ministry. Please, see the full text here.

Original text on The Christian Chronical web. site

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4. Other directions of our ministry
  • Leading singing

I keep leading singing in my local congregation in St. Petersburg. Lina lead the choir of the St. Petersburg Christian University.

  • Internet resources

We keep our work for support and developing our Websites, download new materials for worship and singing. In the next year we plan to open new resourse which will be focus on worship.

  • Composing new songs and editing work

Big part of our work is composing of new songs, translation and editing work. Results of this work is preseneted on our web. sites and

5. We thank and ask for your help

Looking back at everything that the Lord allow us to do in the outgoing year we would like to express our gratitude to those churches and individuals who are helping us financially. We thank Cole Mill Road Church in NC, Cox Bulevard Church in AL and Huntsville Church of Christ for the regular support of our ministry!


Our special thanks to Prestoncrest Church of Christ and Holland street Church of Christ from TX.

Also we thank church in Sopot (Poland). Our trip to Sopot would not be possible without your support and help!

We are also thankful for financial help that came from churches in Russian, namely, Church of Christ On Shabolovka (Moscow) and Church of Christ On the Neva (St. Petersburg).

  • We asking for support

We are hoping to continue this work to the glory of our God by singing praise to Him and by spreading the Good News of His salvation. Click the button below to learn how to support our ministry. At this time our ministry have not other income, but only donations from churches and individuals who willing to help. Therefore, please consider this opportunity to help us minister to the church through the Word and song.

 Thank you for support of our ministry!

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