Summary of our work for the period

January to August 2018


Please, choose the direction of our ministry which is most interesting for you to learn more about it:

1. Acapella Sacred Music Ensemble "Psalom".

2. Singing workshops & seminares.

3. Annual Christian Singing School - 2018.

4. Other derections of our ministry.

5. We thank and ask for you help.

1. Acapella Sacred Music Ensemble "Psalom"
The beginning of the year was devoted to the active work of the ensemble "Psalom",  whose goal is to popularize and develop the A`Capella Spiritual Music and congregational singing. Acquaintance of churches with new hymns written on Biblical texts. At our presentation in churches, we not only presenting new songs, but we also learn some of them with the congregation. In 2018 the ensemble's performances were held:
  1. In the Church of Christ "On The Neva", St.Petersburg (Russia), January 7

  2. At the International Festival of Evangelical Culture "Epiphany Evenings", January 15

  3. In the Hall of the Lutheran Church Annenkirche, St.Petersburg (Russia), March 16

  4. In the Church of Christ, Wiesbaden (Germany), March 24

  5. In the Church of Christ, Cologne (Germany), March 28

  6. In the Church of Christ, Tallinn (Estonia), March 29

  7. In the Hall of the Church of Oleviste, Tallinn (Estonia), March 31

  8. In the church "Bethany", Tallinn (Estonia), April 1

  9. In the church "New Beginning", Tallinn (Estonia), April 1

  10. In the church "Ressurection", St.Petersburg (Russia), April 29


Were filmed and published videos of the hymns "I Will Praise You", "Praise the Lord, for He is good," "By Your Grace," "Gladsome Light", and made audio-recording more than 15 songs.

On the video, procalmation "The Lord is Risen from the grave" in the Oleviste church (Tallinn, Estonia) and the recording of the "Gladsome Light" from a concert in Annenkirche hall (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2. Workshopes and seminars
  • "Love and Sacrifice" - Bible seminar in Tallinn (Estonia)

The spring seminar organized by the Estonian congregation fo Church of Christ was focus to the theme "Love and Sacrifice". Considering the Biblical stories and comparing them with their lives, we reflected on the deep connection of these two concepts - love and sacrifice.

  • Live stream on the radio "Theos"
March 14 and June 20, 2018 live broadcasts of the program "Colon" was focus on church music and the tradition of congregational singing. About this and many other associate themes professor of the Department of Theory and History of Culture Andrey Sukhovski talked with the composer and the leader of the ensemble "Psalom" Konstantin Zhigulin. We hope to continue this cooperation in the future.
  • Participation in the youth camp BalChYoCa
This year about 180 children from Estonia, Russia, Canada, the USA, Lithuania and Poland participated in the camp. Every morning begins with a joint singing. We are happy to have the opportunity to learn new songs with kids and help with this camp.

On the photo the participants of the spring seminar "Love and sacrifice" and the BalChYoCa camp in Estonia.

3. Annual Christian Singing School

At the Singing school in Barnaul came the participants from many cities - Syktyvkar, Tomsk, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Moscow, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk. The program of the Singing School was very rich. It is especially joyful that most of the participants were young people from different congregations. We hope that the time they spent at the Singing School will remain for a long time in the memory of its participants and will help in the development of singing and worship in local church communities. Read more...

On the photo participants of the song school 2018

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4. Other directions of our ministry
  • Leading singing

I keep leading singing in my local congregation in St. Petersburg. Lina lead the choir of the St. Petersburg Christian University.

  • Internet resources

We keep our work for support and developing our Websites, download new materials for worship and singing. 

  • Composing new songs and editing work

Big part of our work is composing of new songs, translation and editing work. Results of this work is preseneted on our web. sites and

5. We thank and ask for your help

Our ministry has existed for only a few years, but we have already witnessed many times how the Lord multiplies the little that we do: The song "My King and God" written many years ago today exists in English, French, German, Spanish and Estonian languages. This year we learned that our song  "Let God Bless You" in Polish language was used as the final song in each of the 25 performances of the Mennonite Choir "The hope" from Virginia during their Evangelistic tour of Europe. The choir "The Genevans" used our songs for their tour in Malasia. The translation of the song "Closer", made once for the Singing School, today sounds in many of Russian-speaking communities both in Russia and abroad. Praise the Lord for His abundant blessings! We are hoping to continue this work to the glory of our God by singing praise to Him and by spreading the Good News of His salvation. Click the button below to learn how to support our ministry.

Our special thank to Huntsville Church of Christ in MSCox Bulevard Church in AL and Cole Mill Road Church in NC  for the regular support of our ministry! With regular support, we can carry out our ministry on an ongoing basis - to plan trips, seminars and other events. We hope that you will continue to support our work - for the joy of people and for the glory of the Lord!

​We are also thankful for financial help that came from churches in Russian, namely, Church of Christ On Shabolovka (Moscow) and Church of Christ On the Neva (St. Petersburg).​

On the video "My God and King" composed by Konstantin Zhigulin. Sung at the 13th Annual Choral Festival 2018 of Shenandoah Christian Music Camp (VA). Conducted by Lloyd Kauffman. The choir "The Hope" sings "Let God bless you" in Polish language at one of the concerts in Poland.

Let God bless you and keep you!