The main goal of his work is to bring new Acapella music to the Church so that, as the bride of Christ, she can sing to the glory of the Creator: God the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit. 


     "Spiritual (church) music takes up a significant part of my life. I've composed quite a few songs for congregational singing, and the majority of them are based on themes from the Bible. The texts for these songs are written in modern Russian which makes them different from traditional Russian Orthodox songs. This allows any audience to understand God-inspired Word and to feel the harmony of the music. These songs can be performed not only from a stage, but, what's especially important and dear to me, they can be sung by everyone present at worship services. At the present time these hymns are being sung by various Christian communities throughout Russia, former Soviet Union, and in countries all over the world". Konstantin Zhigulin


- Some of the songs by Konstantin are a part of the first value of song collection (Psalms 1 - 41) written on the texts of Psalms. This hymnal is a joint project of the Austin Graduate School of Theology and ACU-press under the editorship of Mark Ship, professor of Old Testament. The name of this project is Timeless: Ancient Psalms for the Church Today. This collection contains songs of various authors, commentaries and audio files intended to help learning the songs. Our partnership with Timeless continues.


- Another project we participated in is called Psalms for All Seasons—a complete psalter for worship, edited by Dr. Martin Tel, Princeton Seminary’s C.F. Seabrook Director of Music, with John Witvliet, Calvin Theological Seminary, and Joyce Borger, Faith Alive Christian Resources.


- At the end of 2011 Eastern European Mission published a songbook "Music of the Heart" with hymns and praise songs in two languages: Russian and English. Each song includes lyrics in both languages (whenever available) and the sheet music. The first part of the songbook contains “classic” church songs, the second section of the songbook includes songs by Russian Christian composer Konstantin Zhigulin.

During the last few years, Konstantin has written 15 new hymns and translated over 25 previously written songs (an average of 10 new hymns a year).