The ministry’s mission of developing Congregational Worship and singing is accomplished through:

Produce annually 10 New Christian Hymns and Spiritual Songs based on Holy Scripture for use in Congregational Worship.


Lead seminars, workshops, classes, and an annual international singing school to develop congregational singing and worship for the Church in various cities and countries: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Barnaul (Russia); Donetsk, Ordzhonikidze, Ternopol and Kiev (Ukraine); Tallinn (Estonia); etc. 

Singing group `Psalom`

Demonstrate the beauty and benefit of A cappella Singing and Worship through presentations and workshops by Psalom.

Promote new and lesser-known hymns through the distribution of CDs recorded by Psalom and by the annual singing school.

Provide audio files (.mp3) and sheet music (.pdf), accessible via the internet:

See below report about each year of our Ministry since 2007 (PDF format): 

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