Annual Christian Singing School in Russia

Barnaul (July 22-27, 2018)

Our vision is help believers to understand the music as the great gift to reflect the excellence, beauty, and holiness of God.​
Our mission is to provide theologically sound and musically competent instruction  as a resource to the Church of Christ community. We offer training in general musical development, congregational worship and leadership;
and promote a mature biblical understanding of the purposes of congregational singing in worship.
Singing School 2018

At the Singing school in Barnaul came the participants from many cities - Syktyvkar, Tomsk, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Moscow, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk. The program of the Singing School was very rich. It is especially joyful that most of the participants were young people from different congregations. We hope that the time they spent at the Singing School will remain for a long time in the memory of its participants and will help in the development of singing and worship in local church communities.

On the photo participants of the song school 2018


Classes & Schedule


A core component of Singing school is daily morning chapel, which includes a time of bible reading, corporate singing and pray. 

Elementary Music Education

Four levels music theory classes helps our students  to learn basics of music and readining music score.


As the preparation for choir session we spent time to learn parts of each voice  separately.

Choral Rehearsal

Corporate choir is the important part of the day. Our focus is help students to learn not only how to sing their part during the singing school time, but how to find their voice while singing during the worship in their home congregation.

On the photo, the psart-voice groups - soprano, alto, tenors and basses.

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Recording session
Every singing school we worked to record songs for make it available to listen and learn in churches. This year we record 16 songs, some of them you can hear below.
Wonderful Merciful Saviour - Choir 2018
00:00 / 00:00
Closer - Choir 2018
00:00 / 00:00
Lord Most High - Choir 2018
00:00 / 00:00
Let all mortal flesh keep silence - Choir 2018
00:00 / 00:00
We thank you!

Singing school in Russia exist for more than 20 years. Many times we saw how the Lord multiplies the little that we do: About 500 students participated in school in the last 10 years. Singing school helps to shape deep image of worship and meaningful congregational singing. Every year we amazed how God brings different people together around the word of praise and pray and step be step he create the choire of worshipers with thankful heart and humble spirit. 

We thank for every donation and every supporting hand!


We remember brothers and sisters who helped us in the past and continue to suppport this work of singings school year by year!
We remember our dear sisters Elena Sileverstova, Judy Johnson, Julia Gribkova. We remember our dear brother Alexey Bolshakov. One day we hope  to join the heaven choir with them.  


We thank our dear friends Wiley Dean, Pat Miller, Clint Sterry, Ron Hayes and others for their great help!!!

Our special thank to Cox Bulevard Church in AL and other supporters for the regular support of this ministry!

On the photo teachers team of singing school 2018

Let God bless you and keep you!

© 2013 Congregational Worship Development Ministry

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